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Transfer Case Master Rebuild Kit 242 AMG H1 Transfer Case : Assemblies and Kits
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Transfer Case Master Rebuild Kit 242 AMG
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Transfer Case Master Rebuild Kit 242 AMG

Transfer Case Master Rebuild Kit 242 AMG. For 1994 - 2006 Hummer H1. The Most Complete Kit Available.

Manufacturer: SAX Express
Part No: 6011651-MK
List Price: 
$512.96  EA
Your Price: 
$366.59  EA
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Transfer Case Seal Kit For 242 AMG Transfer Case Seal Kit
Part No: 6011651-SK
Special Notes
Our Master Rebuild Kit contains all of the items most commonly replaced during an overhaul. Included are all bearings, drive chain & sprockets, shift fork pads, and oil pickup tube and screen. All parts are original equipment for best fit and reliable function.

This kit is intended for complete out-of-the-truck overhauls. Seal Kit is sold seperately.
Application Notes
No kit can completely anticipate every possible adverse condition with a transfer case. As such, we have listed some other items you may need, depending on your exact problem.

Other items possibly needed:

1) Units affected by the "vampire" condition (oil cooler leak) should replace the oil cooler assembly with the latest version, p/n 6011652. We recommend this upgrade for any transfer cases that use one of the older style coolers. The latest one can be identified by the blue bands on the cooler connections.

2) Units that pop out of gear from "H" into "N" are likely affected by a worn input gear (p/n 5714226) and range sleeve (p/n 5714229). These items should be replaced during overhaul. It may also be necessary to replace the range fork (p/n 5938627.)

1994 - 2004AM GeneralHummer H1
2006AM GeneralHummer H1

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