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Hummer H1 Ultimate Driveline Protection, Aluminum H1 Accessories : Driveline & Body Protection
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Hummer H1 Ultimate Driveline Protection, Aluminum
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Hummer H1 Ultimate Driveline Protection, Aluminum

Hummer H1 Ultimate Driveline Protection, 5/16" Aluminum

Manufacturer: Rubberduck 4x4
Part No: RDH10-UDP-NF-AL
  • * Oversized Item
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$2,800.00  SET
Special Notes
For years we've heard that you can't put a solid undercarriage protection on a Hummer due to debris and heat. Well, we put the myths to the test and developed the Ultimate Driveline Protection and did every test we could think of.
First, we drove the test truck 400 miles at an average speed of 70 miles per hour to our proving grounds and took heat readings along the way on both the T-case and Transmission; our hottest temperature recorded was a cool 160 F and the engine temps remained within normal parameters. (So much for that myth!)
Next, in typical RubberDuck 4x4 fashion, we abused the snot out of the UDP attempting to scrape, pound and high center the UDP on some of the toughest trails in Tennessee. What we found was that the 1.5" gain of additional ground clearance made our abuse that much harder to perform! None the less, the UDP passed with flying colors and without so much as a dent!
Lastly, we found the deepest, sloppiest mud hole we could find that took us several attempts to plow through to test the "debris myth". What we found was that we ended up with little mud under the steering components and fuel tank area and none around the engine, Transmission and T-case! This is due to several factors; since the sections under the engine, Trans and T-case span across the frame rails by design, mud and debris have nowhere to enter and the additional cross members act as baffles to prevent mud and debris from getting back to these vital components from the open areas of the steering and fuel tank sections.
Kit includes all necessary hardware and complete instructions.
Application Notes

1992 - 2004AM GeneralHummer H1
2006AM GeneralHummer H1

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