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Hummer H1 Rock Rims For 16.5 In. Wheels H1 Accessories : Wheels
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Hummer H1 Rock Rims For 16.5 In. Wheels
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H1 Rock Rims For 16.5" Wheels, Set Of 4

H1 Rock Rims. For All Hummer H1 With 16.5" Wheels. Set Of 4

Manufacturer: Rubberduck 4x4
Part No: RDH10-RRM-PC-165
Your Price: 
$525.00  SET
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Your Price:  $525.00
Hummer H1 Rock Rims For 17 In. Wheels Hummer H1 Rock Rims For 17" Wheels, Set Of 4
Part No: RDH10-RRM-PC-170
Special Notes

Whether you're a Hardcore Off-roader or the occasional weekend Trail Rider these RubberDuck 4x4 Rock Rims™ will provide your rims 100% protection from the rigors of mild to extreme off-roading.

Made from ¼" thick American Made steel, laser cut by the same folks who make the up-armor plating for the HMMWV®, Powder Coated with a semi-gloss finish that provides a semi-rough finish so you can touch them up with paint after Rock crawling and zinc coated hardware to resist rust, these babies will take all of the punishment you can dish out!

Extra large slotted holes provide easy access to the air lines so you can isolate tires without removing the Rock Rim™

RubberDuck Rock Rims™ provide complete rim coverage and 100% protection.

Exclusive flash zinced hardware that minimizes rust and seizing is included with all Rock Rim™ models.

Application Notes

Rubberduck4x4 Hummer H1 Rock Rims

Rubberduck4x4 Hummer H1 Rock Rims

Rubberduck4x4 Hummer H1 Rock Rims

1992 - 2004AM GeneralHummer H1
2006AM GeneralHummer H1
2006AM GeneralHummer H1 Alpha

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