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Synthetic "A" Service Kit for Hummer H1 Diesel H1 Maintenance : Maintenance Packs
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Synthetic "A" Service Kit for Hummer H1 Diesel
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Includes all consumable items for the 3000 mile service

Premium A service kit includes all needed items to perform the factory recommended 3000 mile service on the Hummer H1. For all 6.5L Diesels.

Manufacturer: SAX Express
Part No: 3000-65S
Your Price: 
$94.95  EA
Special Notes
AM General recommends performing the "A" service every 3000 miles. Our Premium "A" Service Kit includes 2 gallons of high quality 15W-40 synthetic oil, formulated especially for older design diesels; 1 high efficiency, premium quality oil filter; and 1 OEM drain plug gasket. This kit is for all Hummer H1s with 6.2L or 6.5L diesel engines.
Every 3,000 Miles (4,800 km) or
100 hrs normal use or 50 hrs severe operation
p Change engine oil and replace filter.
p Check items in Maintenance Group A.
Every 6,000 Miles (9,700 km) or
200 hrs normal use or 100 hrs severe operation
p Change engine oil and replace filter.
p Clean or replace air filter.
p Replace fuel filter element.
p Check items in Maintenance Groups A and B.
Every 12,000 Miles (19,300 km) or
400 hrs normal use or 200 hrs severe operation
p Change engine oil and replace filter.
p Clean or replace air filter.
p Replace fuel filter element.
p Change geared hub oil.
p Change axle oil.
p Change engine coolant.
p Change transmission and transfer case fluid.
p Change transmission filter.
p Check items in Maintenance Groups A, B, and C.

Maintenance Inspection Group A:

· Check fluid levels and condition for power steering pump, cooling system (reservoir and surge tank), brakes, transmission, transfer case, geared hubs, and axles.
· Check CDR valve for oil saturation.
· Inspect condition of control arms, springs, and shock absorbers.
· Check tire wear and condition.
· Lubricate all grease fittings and body lubrication points.
· Inspect geared hubs for leaking seals or damage.
· Inspect service brakes and parking brake.
· Check axles for leaks or damage.
· Check torque of wheel half nuts and lug nuts.
· Inspect condition of geared hub and axle vent lines.
· Inspect condition of transmission and transfer case vent lines.
· Inspect U-joints for wear or missing/damaged grease fittings.
· Inspect condition of engine mounts and insulators.
· Inspect transmission/transfer case shift linkage for wear, binding, distortion.
· Check fuel filter and drain/clean if necessary.
· Check CTIS operation. Verify that system inflates/deflates tires.
· Check winch operation and cable condition (if equipped). Free-spool out and pay-in at least 30 feet of cable.
· Check ball joints for wear.
· Test drive vehicle and complete a functional check of all systems.
· Check air cleaner.

Maintenance Inspection Group B:

· Inspect fuel injection pump, lines, and fittings for leaks or damage.
· Check battery voltage and condition.
· Inspect serpentine belt condition.
· Inspect exhaust system and shields.
· Inspect and rotate tires.
· Inspect halfshaft boots and ball joint seals.
· Inspect condition of steering column, U-joints, tie rods, steering arm, center link, and idler arm.
· Check fuel tank vent line filter.
· Inspect condition of frame rails and crossmembers.
· Check A/C system operation.
· Check wheel alignment.

Maintenance Inspection Group C:

· Inspect surge tank, radiator and shroud, A/C condenser, power steering and transmission coolers, and all hoses and fittings for security of mounting, leaks, obstructions, or damage.
· Inspect fuel tank, lines, and cap.
· Inspect all wiring harnesses for frays, splits, missing insulation, poor connections.
· Inspect power steering pump, power steering gear, hoses, lines, and fittings for leaks or damage.
· Inspect battery and add distilled water if necessary.


Clean all dirt from caps and surrounding areas before opening to check fluids.

1992 - 2004AM GeneralHummer H1
2006AM GeneralHummer H1

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